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Who We Are

By ensuring that carbon markets are accessible, we champion a critical piece of a climate resilient future: nature-based carbon offset projects.

The land we depend on holds cultural, familial, civic, and historical significance. From Tribal forests to family ranches, we’ve worked alongside landowners and managers for over 25 years to help them reach their long-term land management goals and generate ongoing revenue while honoring their connection to their land.

What makes us different is that our carbon offset projects are nature-based, meaning that we restore, improve, and conserve lands to store more carbon in the trees and soil. Rather than introducing new technologies, we create lower-cost strategies that reduce carbon emissions and have co-benefits for both ecosystems and people.

As an experienced carbon offset project developer and funder, we work on behalf of landowners to support their land stewardship. And as a nonprofit organization, we are trusted advisors to policymakers and carbon registries. Together, we preserve the promise of our future through good land stewardship.

Image of a few trees scattered across a field during sunrise.

Our Mission & Vision

As a nonprofit organization, our investments are driven by climate impact and put landowners first. We work alongside our partners to develop and fund projects that support grassland conservation, reforestation, and improved forest management strategies.

Image overlooking a large river from a high point surrounded by trees.

Our History

Since 1997, The Climate Trust has been a trusted voice in carbon markets, conservation, and forestry. As one of the oldest carbon entities in the nation, we pioneer and advocate for solutions that recognize the financial value of nature-based carbon projects.

Our Team

We bring a breadth of expertise in forest management and operations, rangeland ecosystems, soil science, and carbon accounting.

What sets The Climate Trust apart?

We are a pathway for landowners to be financially recognized for the good ecosystem services they’re providing, which have historically been undervalued in our traditional market.
Julius Pasay, Executive Director
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Our diverse, mission-driven team of natural resource professionals, scientists and carbon accounting experts work closely with land managers and partners to identify, develop, fund, and manage complex carbon projects. Interested in joining our team?

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Financials & Reports

Read our latest financial statements and annual reports to learn more about how we operate as a 501(c)(3) organization, our strategic goals, and our impact in recent years.