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Coastal Edge Forest

Together with the North Coast Land Conservancy (NCLC), The Climate Trust used the powerful combination of carbon markets and nature-based solutions to protect 3,500 acres of coastal rainforest.  The iconic Coastal Edge Forest Carbon Project is located in the Oregon Coast Range, a mountainous region spanning Oregon’s Pacific Ocean coastline. Prior to its acquisition by NCLC in 2021, the forestland was managed using industrial forest practices including short rotations, large clearcuts, and broadcast herbicide.  Now, in partnership with The Climate Trust, NCLC is using carbon revenues to manage the property for mature forests, water quality, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat and passive recreation.  This is being achieved through extended rotations, foregoing large-scale harvests, and conducting targeted forest health treatments.

The 3,500 acres protected by this project are part of NCLC’s largest habitat reserve, and one of the largest privately conserved forests in Oregon. Coastal Edge is situated in an area with unique hydrologic and geological features, providing habitat for many of Oregon’s conservation priority species like the willow flycatcher, rufous hummingbird, peregrine falcon, band-tailed pigeon, northern red-legged frog, and Columbia torrent salamander.

The isolated evolution of the Northern Oregon Coast Range has created a distinct and scarce ecosystem.  In addition to preserving the habitats of many rare plant and wildlife species, the reserve supports the surrounding communities by improving water quality via erosion control, watershed management and reduction of flood risk.  In fact, the entire drinking watershed for the community of Arch Cape, previously subject to clearcutting and aerial herbicide treatments, was protected through this conservation project.

“Bringing this land into conservation allows us to unlock its future,” said Katie Voelke, Executive Director of NCLC. “It is a living, breathing, flowing and evolving place. Conservation allows it to live its most dynamic and abundant life. This is a living museum, a living laboratory, a globally rare and precious place, and it’s our community backdrop. Conserving this land gives us all a chance to be in the right relationship with the land and the people it sustains.”

The Coastal Edge Forest Carbon Project is listed under the American Carbon Registry Improved Forest Management on Non-Federal U.S. Forestlands and will undergo 3rd party verification by registry-approved auditors.  Site visits and monitoring will occur every five years to ensure the project is meeting its sustainable management plans and forest health goals.

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