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Collaboration through Candid Conversation Training

Published: January 17, 2017 by Editorial Team

The Climate Trust team started off the New Year with a healthy dose of personal growth and mindfulness, with an inspiring training focused on expanding our ability to collaborate.

The Collaboration through Candid Conversation training was facilitated by Scott Crabtree, founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Brain Science, whose services focus on empowering organizations and individuals to boost their happiness at work and increase engagement, productivity, and creativity. Scott’s impactful work is based on cutting-edge brain science.

Throughout the day, we learned about our own personal conflict styles as well as those of our colleagues, and how we can approach difficult conversations with a high level of openness. The topic coordinated perfectly with The Trust’s deeply held cultural values, particularly those centered on Clear Expectations and Accountability.

“Our cultural values—Supportive, Ambitious, Clear Expectations, Positive, Accountable, and Results Oriented—are not just words, they have great meaning to each and every team member,” said Sean Penrith, Executive Director for The Climate Trust. “Every year we find ways to further integrate these values into our operations, work relationships, and shared vocabulary. Trainings such as this effectively lower the social distance on the team while enhancing trust and performance.”

“The team found great value in the science-based approach that Scott takes,” said Kasey Krifka, Marketing and Communications Manager for The Climate Trust. “We learned skills to use with each other, our partners and our families, and everyone left with their own personal action plan for the year.”

“I was very impressed by how dynamic the training was. Past trainings have had a one-size-fits-any organization feeling to them, but last week’s training really felt geared towards our needs and challenges at The Climate Trust,” said Mik McKee, Land Asset Manager for The Climate Trust. “As a result, everyone seemed to stay engaged throughout the day.”

The Climate Trust highly recommends Happy Brain Science, and is very grateful to Scott for offering his services pro bono to support The Climate Trust.

Image credit: Flickr/Ray Wewerka