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Donor-Advised Fund

Support quality climate projects

The Climate Trust is committed to preventing a disastrous rise in global temperatures by funding quality projects that accelerate the pace of carbon mitigation.

Climate Trust Capital, an independent firm of the mission-driven nonprofit The Climate Trust, has launched a first-of-its-kind investment fund to commit $5.5M into innovative, U.S.-based carbon offset projects in forestry, grassland conservation, and livestock digesters. Donations will be allocated to high-impact projects in these sectors.

The Trust is recognized as a national leader in the development and promotion of high-quality greenhouse gas offset projects. As your clients seek advice and counsel, please consider recommending us as a beneficiary.

We can answer your questions and provide further information for individual donors, families, advisors and financial institutions. Please contact our Senior Investment Manager at 503.238.1915 ext. 207.

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